Land_plot for Sale


Price: Rs. 24.36 Cr
Contract type: For Sale
Type: Land_plot
Location: Mohammad Wadi
Area: 116.00 sq ft
Visitor views 1065

Property Description

Location/City - Pune
Area - Mohammad Wadi
Land Size - 116,000 Sqft
Land Cost - 2100 Per Sqft (Negotiable)
Land Zone - Residential Zone
JV Ratio - None
Deposit - None
Attachments - Google Earth Image & Pics
Owners Point - Out Right Basis
Frontage - Both Plots Have Approximate Frontage of 100Ft
Legal Remarks - Solvable litigation, both parties wants to sell the plot
Surroundings - Many On Going & Completed Projects
Accessibility - Good
Area Property Rate (Apartments) - 4000 to 6000
Area Land Cost Variation - 1500 to 2200 Per Sqft
Location Category - Prime
In Close Proximity - To Daily Necessities

    General Amenities

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